Tecnifibre TFight RSL 280

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The TFight RSL 280 from Tecnifibre is designed for young competitors and regular players, the TFight RSL 280 is the best compromise of power and handling in the TFight range.

The new TFight RS range constists in being the "Next Shot" of the tennis racquet and its ambassador Daniil Medvedev. Designed to provide the perfect balance and performance on the court. Powerful to make winning shots. Stable to let go while maintaining trajectory control.

Comfortable to improve feel at the impact with more confidence. Maximized spin capture due to the design of the stringbed and string pattern. The frame geometry has been redesigned with RSL SECTION technology, a unique square section with 5 sides and specific angulation to provide the best compromise of power, control and comfort on lighter weights.

With a weight of 10.5 ounces strung -- the 280 helps to facilitate maneuverability and racquet head acceleration even at the end of the stroke. 100 headsize for more power and tolerance to off-centre hits. 16x19 string pattern maximizes spin to increase ball length and safety over the net. The grip is also slightly elongated to allow for more grip on backhanded shots with both hands. The best choice for progress and performance.