Tecnifibre Cross Shot 2023 Black

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The Cross Shot squash racket is the best resistance in the range.

The Cross Shot squash racket was designed for players wanting to try squash . Monoshaft construction to provide flexibility and power. Large 500cm² head size and specific 14x20 string pattern. The strings are tightened in the center to provide maximum precision and spaced at the ends for better energy restitution on off-center hits. The racket was made of aluminum to resist shocks and allow contact with walls to be avoided.

Original pre-strung and equipped with an absorbent grip, it is a ready-to-play product for a limited budget .

  • The best resistance.
  • For very occasional players wishing to try their hand at squash.
  • Single-shaft construction to maximize power.
  • Aluminum material to resist impacts against walls.
  • Pre-strung and equipped with a good quality grip.
Material Aluminum
Head size 500cm² / 78in²
Weight 190g / 6.7oz
Balance 315mm
Length 68.5cm
String pattern 14x20