Selkirk Premium Paddle Case

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You asked; we listened. We knew developing a case was going to take time and commitment. We set the standard for all your pickleball paddle needs, and we refused to settle for less when it came to what you keep your paddle in.

We ensured this durable case fits ALL of our paddle shapes, both standard and elongated, with ease. The outside has our signature “S” embedded into a sleek, pliable PU leather that can be stored anywhere. With the Selkirk name proudly displayed on the front, the case features a bright red, easy access side zipper that opens smoothly to reveal the thick, soft terry fabric interior that will keep your paddle dry, safe, and functioning at its best every time you are on the court.

Protects your paddle

Stylish and practical

Durable and pliable PU leather

Easy access zipper

Thick and soft terry fabric interior