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Grit is effortless power with pure strikes without vibrations. Grit features what we call a Pure strike system, a straight bridge to even the tension in the long vertical center

strings, an optimized string bed to increase the sweetspot for off-center hits, a hourglass frame design for greater power transmission and lastly vibration dampening

material in the frame to reduce unwelcome vibrations. Grit Feather is the lightest racket in the Grit range. It is strung with Salming PA1 Lava™ – which is a fusion of a mono core string with a DuPont™ Nomex® fiber.

Colour: Black/White Grip: Purity Grip

String: PA1 Red Lava reinforced with Dupont Nomex™

Material Composition: High strength carbon/

Vectran/High impact resin

String pattern: 14 x 18 String tension: 11 kg / 24 lbs

Rec. tension: 8-12 kg / 18-26 lb s

Frame weight: 125 g +/- 3 g, 4,41 oz

Unstrung weight: 132 g +/- 3 g, 4,66 oz

Total weight: 142 g +/- 3 g, 5,01 oz

Head size: 485 cm2 - 75,2 inch2 Total size: 684 mm

Balance: 382 mm