P360 Protective Eyewear 2023

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Anti Fog

A unique open lens design allows for an unobstructed view of the game. Fogging is now a thing of the past!

Eye Protection

The frame of the glasses still provides protection for your eyes.

P360 Side view with ball

Ideal for Squash

A squash ball is too big to pass through the aperture. Currently approved and certified by World Squash Federation.

P360 was designed over a six-year period by the founder of Protec 360 (Pty) Ltd who is a keen sports man and scientist. He received assistance from an ophthalmologist, a sports science professor, and a graphic design engineer. The prototype glasses were tested and passed the global testing standard.

The ‘Fogging’ problem

The P360 glasses is an innovative open lens design which solves the “fogging” problem in sports. So often sports persons battle to wear safety glasses because when the glasses fog up, people usually remove their safety glasses and prefer to play a sports match without safety eyewear. 


The “fogging” problem is now solved, and players no longer have an excuse to remove the safety eyewear during a sports game. 


While the P360 open lens was designed for squash, it is viable and certified for all racket sports. It can also be used in various other sports sectors.

The Centre for Sports Technology: Accreditation Notes

P360 eye-protectors had no projection or sharp edge which could cause discomfort in wear, or which could cause injury to the wearer or other person should the eye-protector be struck by a squash ball or racket, or if the wearer collides with another player. 


No parts of the eye-protector which are in contact with the wearer had been made from materials known to be physiologically incompatible or know to create a significant number of allergic reactions when used as intended by the manufacturer.

The eye-protector fitted firmly and will retain during play.

The eye-protectors did not fracture during the impact test.


There was no backward placement of the ocular from the frame.

Testing and accreditation:

  • BS 7930-1-1998 Eye protectors for racket sports

  • ASTM F803.94 Ball impact

  • CE Directive 69603

  • Certified approved eye wear for squash, World Squash Federation

P360 squash glasses allows for better vision during a sports game and eye to eye contact with other players or an opponent.

Head strap for tight fit

A soft, washable, and colourful head strap is included in the design. This feature allows a player to easily adjust the glasses for snug fit. A player can do all sorts of movements without the fear of the glasses being displaced. The increased safety feature is important as a loose-fitting eye protector can be dangerous as the glasses can come off the face during the game. The other benefit is that the head strap serves as a stow away around the neck during a break between game play.

Material and strength

P360 is manufactured from polycarbonate material for lenses and flexible durable material for the arms.