Karakal Raw Pro Lite (2.0) 2023

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Following the success of the Raw Pro we are introducing a lighter 
version of this frame, the Raw Pro Lite.
The frame comes with a built in Vibration Dampener to smooth out 
vibration in the frame. Manufactured using Pure Graphite the racket 
has a Frame Weight of 110 Grams and a Balance Point of 355mm, 
which makes the racket feel beautifully balanced. 
It also comes with the same oval handle as its Pro weighted 
counterpart ergonomically designed to Joel’s preferred shape and 
The racket also comes with our Eco Fleece cover which is 100% 
recyclable and is of course fitted with our No.1 Karakal PU Super 
• Built in Frame Anti-Vibration Dampener
• 110 Grams Frame Weight
• Pure Graphite Frame Construction
• Hot Zone 120 Braided String - Black
• Balance Point 355mm
• Midplus 480 sq cm
• Square String Pattern 14/18
• Full Bag Eco Cover
• Fitted with the World’s No.1 Karakal PU Super Grip