Inform Regen 4000

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The team behind the new INFORM Squash Brand has been working in the Squash Industry for more than 25 years. Having distributed many other brands including Grays, Salming, Dunlop and Hi-tec, they are perfectly equipped to now be launching their own brand, INFORM!

Inform Regen 4000
The Regen 4000 is designed for the player that goes hard and needs some protection from walls!  The Regen 4000 is the perfect choice for the player that is learning or knows they will hit walls. It delivers great power and has a 21 x 16 string pattern that makes sure a lot of string will strike the ball every time!

  • Construction – Inform Nanocarbon
  • Grip - Inform Softac combining ultimate comfort with light

    adhesive surface for perfect control

  • Weight – 160 g
  • Balance – 36.5 cm head heavy