Inform Regen 6 Racquet Bag

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The Inform Regen 6 Racquet Squash Bag  is a high quality two compartment bag perfect for players that want

to keep all of their Squash Equipment in one bag for their regular squash

games. It will accommodate multiple racquets (up to 6) or a lesser amount along

with shoes, towel and change of clothes etc.


In addition there is a smaller outside pocket for valuable

and smaller items.

All Inform bags feature the following:
* Light weight 24 Denier material that is colorfast, tear resistant and double stitched at all load bearing points


* Weighted alloy zips for easy grab a 12 month guarantee
* Versatile handles including ; long grab handles

on top, padded back pack handles that also convert to shoulder straps (and are

detachable) via the 360 degree pivot anchor, easy grab padded handle at the

narrow end of both bags
* Fully lined and sealed cavities for increased

durability and item protection

This bag is color coded to match the three Regen Racquets ; Regen 2000, Regen 3000 and Regen 4000.