Head Speed PWR 2024

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The upgraded SPEED PWR 2024 TENNIS RACQUET, with its bigger head size and higher beam, is designed for players looking for fast, easy power.

Players who need a lighter racquet can enjoy speed, easy power and fast maneuverability with the upgraded SPEED PWR 2024, which has new Auxetic 2.0 technology for softer and even more sensational feel. The bestselling series has also been refreshed with a new design: a special lacquer is soft to the touch, complementing the softer impact feel.

• Lightweight racquet
• Fast, easy power and maneuverability
• Softer, sensational feel
• Ultimate connection between player and racquet
• New design with special, soft-to-the-touch lacquer



WEIGHT (UNSTRUNG):255 g / 9.0 oz


HEAD SIZE:740 cm² / 115 in²


BALANCE:345 mm / even

LENGTH:695 mm / 27.4 in

BEAM:26/26/28 mm


  1. Auxetic

    AUXETICAuxetic constructions show a unique deformation compared to non-Auxetic constructions. Due to their internal properties, Auxetic constructions widen when a “pull” force is applied and contract when squeezed. The bigger the applied force, the bigger the Auxetic reaction.

  2. Graphene Inside
    Graphene Inside

    GRAPHENE INSIDEStrategically positioned in most of our racquets, Graphene strengthens the frame, provides greater stability and optimises energy transfer from racquet to ball. When you buy your next racquet, be sure it has GRAPHENE INSIDE.