Head IG Challenge Lite (Copper)

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As the lightest racquet in the CHALLENGE range, the CHALLENGE LITE TENNIS RACQUET is easy to handle. Oversized with a bigger sweetspot, this racquet is designed for new tennis players who want to generate spin and power. Like the other racquets in the CHALLENGE series, this racquet has a striking design and a full graphite construction, offering all-round playability and comfort.

• Lightweight and easy to handle for new players
• Oversized with a bigger sweetspot for spin and power
• Full graphite construction
• All-round playability and comfort


WEIGHT (UNSTRUNG):260 g / 9.2 oz


HEAD SIZE:690 cm² / 107 in²GRIP SIZE: #2 -  4 1/4 

BALANCE:345 mm / even

LENGTH:685 mm / 27.0 in

BEAM:23/26/23 mm