We restring all racquets; tennis, squash, badminton.

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Modern Restringing Machine @ all three of our locations... the Wilson Baiardo, the same as used in the US and Aus Opens.

Our experienced team of restringers love the fact that they get to work on the Wilson Baiardo. It has an electronically calibrated constant pull tensioning system which guarantees the exact tension on every pull and a six point mounting system which ensures the least possible stress to the racquet frame while restringing as possible. This technology with our huge range of strings makes sure your racquet and game will be refreshed with a restring from the Racquet Shop.

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Tecnifibre DNAMX                              Gauge 18: 1.15mm & Gauge 17: 1.2mm                        
“The Dynamix of power” Used by PSA player Mohamed El Shorbagy. Exclusively uses 100% Elastyl fibres for unparalleled elasticity and shock absorption.

Tecnifibre X-One Biphase                  Gauge 18: 1.18mm                                                             
Expert Tecnifibre string that delivers ultimate power and feel for explosive players

Tecnifibre 305                                      Gauge 18: 1.1mm 17: 1.2mm & Gauge 16: 1.3mm      
Supreme cut effect for traditional players “the most popular squash string”

Ashaway Powernick 18                     Gauge 18: 1.15mm                             
Optimum combination of power and durability. Tremendous power from dynamic stiffness of Zyex monofilaments, excellent tension stability at all tensions.

Ashaway Powernick 19                     Gauge 19: 1.05mm                                                             
Ultra-thin gauge for unrivalled performance. Tremendous power from dynamic stiffness of Zyex monofilaments, excellent tension stability at all tensions.

Pro Zone Constellation                       Gauge 16: 1.2mm                                                               
Similar to Tecnifibre 305, this string provides great performance at a reduced price.

Ashaway Supernick XL                       Gauge 16: 1.25mm                                                             
Soft feel for excellent playability and resilience. Multifilament construction for gut-like performance. Textured surface increases the ability to impact spin and cut on the ball.

Grays Shotmaker Orange or Pink    Gauge 17: 1.2mm                                                                

Known for performing well due to its thinner gauge. Putting a new set of these in will improve control and touch.

Grays Graytech                                    Gauge 16: 1.25mm                                                             
This string is popular due to its durability whilst providing great feel and touch.  Great choice for all types of players.

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