Yonex Vcore SV 100

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Yonex updates the VCORE Si 100 with a slightly thicker, more powerful beam and a bundle of spin friendly technologies. Called the VCORE SV 100, this light and user-friendly player's racquet should work very well for a wide range of intermediate and advanced ball strikers. New to this version is SV Frame technology, which combines a flexible carbon material in the upper hoop (Nanometric XT) with a more aerodynamic beam shape in the lower region of the racquet. Taken together, these features are designed to increase both dwell time and rotational torque (see easier spin). For this model Yonex introduces a New Aero Fin system, which features air resistant grooves on the inner and outer part of the upper hoop to enable higher stroke speeds (see easier pace and spin). From the baseline the SV 100 feels solid and comfortable. Spin comes easy, which contributes to this racquet's controllable power. As with so many of the Yonex racquets we’ve hit, this stick feels stable for its weight. At net this racquet’s head light balance and solid feel make for easy volleying. Finally, this stick comes around very fast on service returns to deliver easy targeting. Players looking for speed, spin and precision in a comfortable package should love this light and user-friendly player's racquet.

WEIGHT (STRUNG): 317 g / 11.2 oz
HEAD SIZE: 632 cm² / 98 in²
Balance: 4 pts HL
LENGTH: Standard, 685 mm / 27 in
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