Wilson Ultra 100UL

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The lightest Ultra in the franchise, the Ultra 100UL is ideal for junior players and entry level adults searching for a lightweight performance frame. This racket provides easy playability and excellent versatility for players of all styles to gain confidence in their game.

  • Lightest Ultra in the franchise
  • Power Rib throat geometry optimizes power through greater stability and stiffness
  • Crush Zone grommet system compresses at impact to boost power and ball dwell time on strings
  • Hotspot (hottest part of the sweetspot) increases by 15% for more explosive power
  • Uncontaminated design features modern aesthetic with clean lines, bold yellow accents, midnight navy matte finish and smooth, velvety paint
WEIGHT (STRUNG): 272 g / 9.6 oz
HEAD SIZE: 645 cm² / 100 in²
LENGTH: Standard, 685 mm / 27 in


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