Head Graphene Radical Rev Pro

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·      Weight: 270g

·      Balance: Head Heavy

·      Composition: Graphene
Full Graphite

·      Head Size: 630cm²


·      String Pattern: 16x16

If your style of play is more aggressive and you still need a lightweight racquet, which offers outstanding maneuverability, look no further than the RADICAL REV PRO. In combination with the groundbreaking Graphene XT technology, which distributes the weight to where it is needed most for a faster game and an improved energy transfer, the racquet offers maximum power while still providing perfect handling. That is not all: The REV PRO also features the innovative Adaptive String Pattern (ASP), which allows you to exchange the grommet set and choose between a 16/16 and a 16/19 string pattern for ultimate string adaptability.

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