Grays Ninja 140 2018

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This frame type has been a best seller since 2005 and is now back in some fresh new artwork. It delivers the crispest hit of any long-string racquet in the market.



Construction : 100% Advanced Fibre Technology Construction. Carbon & Twin Titanium

Grip : Fusiontac

String : Graytec

Weight : 140 grams

Balance : Even

Player Type : Beginner to Elite


The Cambridge Squash Range was first launched in 2004 and has been the most popular Grays range ever since. The 2012 season sees the launch of the Ninja artwork for this series. The series will consist of the Ninja 140, Ninja 150SS and the Cambridge 140 Pink.The balance is even, power is produced from the long strings and the Advanced fibre technology makes this one of the strongest racquets on the market. Titanium is used to reinforce the frame. All racquets in the Cambridge series are supplied with Graytec string and Fusion-tac Grips.