Yonex Astrox FD Badminton Racquet Black White

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Series Concept

Dominate the court with steep angled smashes and quick fire control.

ASTROX utilizes a new graphite material situated in the shaft which produces a quicker shaft take-back, that when combined with the racquet's improved rotational power ensures the shuttlecock can be smashed into the opponent's court at a steeper more devastating angle.

Rotational Generator System

By applying the counterbalance theory, weigh is distributed throughout the grip end, frame top and the t-joint for maximum control. This significant improvement in the racquets rotational power ensures the speed of the follow-through is maintained allowing for quicker preperation for the next shot.

Head Heavy Balance/10mm longer

Isometric frame

HM Graphite Racquet

Nanomesh Neo

Developed by Yonex Japan

made in Taiwan

Tension Range: 20-28lbs/9-12.5kg

Weight range: (F:70g - 74.9g)