Altra Provision 3.5

The Provision 3.5 features:

  • Revamped durable mesh upper
  • Non-invasive GuideRail support structure that sits along your foot’s arch to realign feet that are collapsing from fatigue
  • Increased StabiliPod zones that act as a tripod throughout your run to help prevent overpronation
  • Built-in Stability Wedge under the sockliner that provides a 'ramp' for your foot to roll into and prevent overpronation
  • A-Wrap midfoot design for a snug fit necessary for perfect control
  • Ultralight EVA / A-Bound foam cushioning for plush but durable impact absorption with extra bounce and increased energy return
  • Natural Ride System: a unique combination of outsol and midsole components that allows you to run with a more natural gait
  • Altra's famous Zero Drop platform, which encourages forefoot striking
  • Wide FootShape toe box to encourage natural foot positioning and toe splay.

Avoid those post-run aches and pains with the Altra Provision 3.5.

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